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My Dance Journey

My journey started when I was 5 years old and since then I have pursued dance with zeal, passion and honest dedication. I love what I do and love to share, create and innovate. I'm not only a dancer but also, a biotechnology graduate, time management is the key.


Beginning my journey as a professional in 2012 and soon gaining teaching qualifications in Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) London, I have guided and watched students excel by enhancing their natural talents, capabilities and interests with mindful and meticulous training. My vision is to promote Ballet, Modern Theatre, Latin American, Contemporary and artistic choreography in India and make it available to students and adults.


As a dance artist, choreographer and dance educator, dance has been an integral part of my lifestyle and growth. Dance can enhance the society, change mentality, provide a different perspective and contribute to physical well-being. I began my journey at The School of Classical Ballet and Western Dance, Mumbai under the tutelage of Tushna Dallas and Khushcheher Dallas. I’ve been a pupil of this school ever since and completed a cycle of professional life here where I now teach the students of this school. It has been a beautiful journey. I’ve trained with them for years and have been more than happy to be able to contribute back to the school and the dance community.

It gives me immense joy to collaborate, uplift and encourage potential artists to put forth their work. I’ve been trained in Royal academy of Dance ballet syllabus, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance Modern Theatre and Latin American, Commercial and Musical Theatre in Australia from Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance and Contemporary in Israel from The Kibbutz contemporary Dance Company. My previous work revolves around dance- visual art (body paint), dance-script and film, dance-lighting for stage performance, dance-cinematography, dance-music collaborations, projection mapping-dance, etc.

I also run a dance shop called Notaya Dance Store with all possible international dance product brands available. You can find products to order on

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My Skills


Ballet from Royal Academy of Dance, London



ISTD Modern & Contemporary from Israel



Hire me for photoshoots, music videos, modelling, acting & direction


Dance Education

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