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Fatema Fidvi, Student

& Assistant Teacher

I don't think putting into words would be enough to express your contribution towards my growth and understanding of dance. You have helped me push my own limits. To point out my weaknesses and to push me to become better with my strengths. I've not only benefited from you as a student but assisting you has helped me learn and grow and understand things soo much better. Thank youuu 😁❤️

DSC_7865 - Trupti Zingade.jpg

Trupti Zingade, Student 

& Assistant Teacher

As her student - Brilliant teacher. Her knowledge about anatomy is amazing and the way she applies that in her teaching is completely outstanding. Ask any doubts, she always have a logical answer to it, this reflects her knowledge and her interest. She drills her work so hard in your mind that it's difficult to forget. Her experience in teaching is seen through her work. As her colleague - Always pushes me hard to work better, she taught me to sing the exercises in Rhythm so that students understand better. Again, ask any doubts, she always have an answer to it. Her choice of music completely blows me off. Needless to say, very funny and witty at the same time, so it's really fun to assist her and work with her. A very curious soul, wants to know everything happening around her.


Rajvi Dedhia, Student

&  Assistant Teacher

You are the youngest, coolest and the most fun ballet teacher that I know. I can never match your level of humour. You have a lot of knowledge as a dance educator at such a young age, it's incredible! Ballet is honestly fun and challenging when it's you teaching. You encourage your students in every possible way and that shows in their results every year. You are a beautiful and versatile dancer who is active and ready to learn new things by putting yourself out there. You constantly work on creative ideas to present yourself, learn as well as teach others. As a friend you are always supportive and present to help me with my problems or celebrate my happiness. Be the way you are always. I love you!

46357CCE-A731-496F-AAD0-D5623952AAED - S

Shrila Sarkar, Student

& Assistant Teacher

Shivani is great to learn from. Her understanding of technique and physical anatomy is excellent. By combining both she ensures that students are aware of their movement and technicality.

_DSC6035 2 - Kareena Joshipura.jpeg

Kareena Joshipura


Shivani is a complete package- the perfect amount of fun and discipline while teaching. She always makes an extra effort to help you if you are stuck, and very patiently goes over routines until you perfect it. She doesn't stop until you are happy with your work and is always looking at ensuring everyone is doing their best. Extremely flexible and fluid in her dance styles, she is able to pick up choreographies and even come up with her own in almost all styles, even if she hasn't tried it before. She is also very creative and is always bursting with amazing ideas! Her energy is infectious and motivates you to give it your all, always!

0014F45B-01CE-4D7B-9C8F-27EBAE049851 - R

Riddhi Laijawala


I’ve been associated with the School of Ballet and Western Dance since the age of 5, and that’s how long I’ve known Shivani. She’s been a fantastic teacher, a guide, and her classes are just so fun. I love her sense of humor, and her knowledge and expertise not only with ballet, but with modern and Latin American is so awesome. She always pushes me to reach my maximum potential, and she always encourages me to do the same. Overall, it’s been such an amazing experience learning under her, and I’m excited to continue the journey with her as my teacher. I love her system of going about class, and all the strength and flexibility training that she provides us with helps us grow as dancer.

FB_IMG_1596125702100 - sayandeep patro.j

Sayandeep Patro


Shivani is such a delight to work with. Clicking an accomplished ballerina as her gave me a lot of room to experiment and go beyond the usual poses. There is fluidity in her postures which takes her photographs much closer to perfection and a pleasure to view.

52DCD633-20F0-4A4B-85F8-C901392F347A - R

Ranmali Mirchandani

RAD South Asia Coordinator

A talented dancer and an exceptional RAD student who I hope will go on to make it big in the dance-world not just in India but Internationally. Good luck Shivani!

CE4907BD-3EF2-4D2C-8A4E-66AC5B966FA2 - S

Santya Ahuja


Shivani has always been one for perfection. Learning Ballet, Jazz and even Latin American under her proved this to me. Her energy is infectious, which brings a whole new dimension to the class. Despite the several corrections and countess retakes for a dance or exercise, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget what I’ve learnt with Shivani! She’s such a fun person and such a thorough teacher that just makes dancing such an experience❤️

E7B8CED9-5ACD-4725-8C9F-30F9913E1B23 - N

Navya Mayekar


Shivani has been teaching me ever since I started my ballet journey, and has continued to push me to reach my full potential. Even during this pandemic, she was one the first to begin online ballet classes, right from April and I’m grateful to have joined! Her attention to detail, be it pointe work or even a simple plié, is amazing and has exposed me to a whole different side of ballet. Thank you Shivani for all the effort you put in!

20200730_003306 - Kissi Singha.jpg

Kissi Singha

Student & OYP

I have trained under Shivani for i think for than 5 years. She is one of the best teachers you could have. She knows what she's teaching and tries to convey it in the best possible way. Her technique and understanding of the technique is very commendable. She makes learning fun and I truly love her classes. If I could, I'd say that you couldn't have a better guide to guide you towards you goals as a dancer. Shivani Mistry is just that good.


Ishita Pande


Miss Shivani is very focused and attentive towards all the students , she has been sharing many personal tips to improve our techniques . She has encouraged us to work on our flexibility , and these tips and exercises have also helped me a lot . Classes with her are a lot of fun ! Lucky to be a part of her class !!

0F5C6875-AA4B-4AC7-8C00-F0E840E2918F - V

Vipasha Modi


Shivani, you have been learning and teaching us at The School of Classical Ballet and Western Dance since before I remember. You have truly grown into an amazing person but moreover an even better teacher and mentor. Your teaching is guided by Tushna’s discipline and eye for technique along with your modern learnings from Melbourne to Israel and all the other places you are going to takeover. You strike a balance which takes from all modern dance forms but respects and uses the classics to enhance the same. We’ve seen you grow through all the opportunities presented to you and that is because at every stage of them you have given back what you have been taught with even more confidence and passion. You have have been such a warm and patient person and teacher, whether it’s small doubts, key techniques or simple conversations beyond dance. Its been a privilege to learn from you, even when I drive you to the T.

691E7693-E95D-431C-AE01-0E88DBC3AEE4 - L

Lea Moutounet


I started dancing at the young age of five and Shivani took me under her wings for the next thirteen years. She is an incredible teacher who always wants the best for her students and always makes us strive to reach our full potential. Shivani would come to class with a well thought out plan of what she wanted to teach us for those 90 minutes. She was always full of energy and had a very positive attitude which was so contagious that even if you came to class tired after a long day of school, your mood would just completely change and you would want to give it your best and all you got. On the days when my technique was off or I missed a few steps in a dance sequence which she had taught just two days ago, Shivani would take a deep breath and calmly repeat the routine till it was engraved in my head. Open days and mock exams used to always be pretty stressful, but Shivani’s infectious smile and grin would make it impossible for us not to smile and lighten up our spirits. Shivani made me achieve things I never thought possible with her encouraging words and endless hours of practice. Shivani is one of the best dancers I know and it’s always a pleasure to watch her dance. She has played a crucial part in my dance journey and has shaped me into the dancer that I am today. I am so grateful to have had her as a teacher. I miss being taught by her and hope that one day we can dance together again! Thank you for everything, Shivani.

20200730_073731 - Davidione Pearl.jpg

Davidione Pearl

Musician USA

Shivani Mistry is an abundant golden treasure on anyone's soul that is blessed enough to make her exquisite acquaintance. She entered into my life with the resplendent charm, strength, fortitude, passion and drive of a bright and shining stallion that could fly, yet remained spiritually grounded and rooted in a beautiful expressive playful certainty about life, and how she wishes to carve out a unique place for herself within it in creative service to others. Her beauty through and through is a magnificent intersection of all things good in the world, in an earnest campaign to make our planet even more idyllic with each artistic idea that swims throughout her lovely mind, articulated firmly and fiercely through her masterful body work. I can't say enough about her.

51F52C8E-A9C3-4D5E-9481-5B37CD06C563 - P

Piyaa Billimoria


Shivani has been a part of ballet journey since I was 4 years old. She is the most inspiring teacher. She has pushed me every class to be the best dancer I can be. She has never failed to motivate me irrespective of what style she was teaching. She makes every class fun and over the years she has also become a mentor and a friend. I can’t wait to be back in class and can’t wait to be greeted with her ever present smile, and if you’re an OG Shivani kid you know about her register! Thank you for everything 🤍

InShot_20200719_181804634 - Lyric Hoofer

Piyush Gupta


I learnt a lot of things from you mam in OYP. You taught us Foundations of Jazz which is very helpful and helping me now in my dance. I'm really thankful to you that you came to teach us, to know what is dance and basics. You are really a very very good and humble teacher and really professional ☺️. Hope to meet you soon.

485906CA-9072-4058-8511-BC1AAF3C29C5 - K

Keyaa Kapadia


Shivani is a lot of fun to have class and generally have conversations with. this is because she always manages to make class fun and breaks down everything to the sheer basics so that anyone can understand where she is getting to during class. I have many years of classes with Shivani and I know that ballet would not have been complete with the exciting classes that she always had planned out for us.

1596087642534. - Sakina Bracketwala.jpg

Sakina Bracketwala


Shivani is a lovely teacher to us! She is more like a friend who u can talk to if u have a problem and she is a very good dancer and I look up to her.

AD278E85-A460-4DD4-A93F-FA10DF6E8094 - k

Kisha Jhaveri


She’s one of the best dancers and teachers i know. learning ballet from her is a lot of fun. classes remain funny an entertaining whenever she’s there. overall she’s just a really talented person and fun to be with!!

CADA2176-0A06-4D05-BCAE-9B5246E1806C - P

Pooja Radhakrishnan

Dance Artist

I worked with Shivani for The Elemental Playground as a part of The Movement Hub. Her work was beautiful and precise and she was prepared with whatever was expected of her. Even though the performance was from done from home she made sure to make the setup and her costume look as professional as possible!

Snapchat-1541821017 - Alaiza Irani.jpg

Alaiza Irani


Shivani is a great dancer, teacher and overall wonderful and approachable person. She was one of my first dance teachers and has always been one of the best. She is one of the most talented people I know and is very goal oriented and and knows what and how to get work done.

2736379D-760C-44CE-8FBC-63EE79FDEFCC - P

Prerna Ghosh


Class with Shivani has always been so fun and enjoyable. She is such a great teacher and she always goes over the exercises till we get it right. I can always tell her if I’m not getting a step right and she’s always there to help me. She has really helped my improve my technique and I’m so grateful for a teacher like her

_- Shweta Jois..jpg

Shweta Jois


Shivani, you have been teaching me since I was about eight or ten years of age and it has been a very beautiful experience. You have not only been patient with me but you have also taken keen interest in me, believing that I can do better. I have looked up to you all these years and you have never failed to inspire me more! Every correction of yours has helped me dance better and had brought grace in my performance. I have enjoyed and learnt a lot from you and would definitely want to learn more under you. 🤗❣️


Ankit Singh


Shivani is one of my favorite instructor in Shiamak's one year program. She teaches us ISTD. She given us all details and technique, that we have to apply while doing exercise or dance. She have very passion while teaching us. She given us a lot of knowledge about the technical things. She is sweetest and so kind person I never seen before. Shivani Mistry thank you for being our instructor and sweetest friend also. Miss you so much😊. Thank you 😇Shivani Mistry❤. Thank you for everything that you given us in dance technique.

IMG_20200708_123804_846 - Ayushi Amrute.

Ayushi Amrute

Dance Artist

You are great to talk to! I've never been sad or dull whenever I'm around you. You've always emitted positivity and only good vibes toward me! Stating the obvious here but you're an EXTREMELY AWESOME dancer and the true definition of an artist. Love all the stupid, silly, meaningful conversations we've had. Glad to have met you! Love ya!

IMG_9853 - Shweta Pal.JPG

Shweta Pal

OYP Student

Classes with you were amazing, its fun, informative & makes you want to try things which one would think isn't capable of doing. Also slow learners like me are also capable of understanding things with the way you teach


Urveez Kakalia

Artist and Psychologist

It's always a pleasure to train with, learn from and dance or perform with Shivani. She has been ever motivating and her energy levels are always at the highest point!

PicsArt_07-01-07.20.00 - Dhruti Jhaveri.

Dhruti Zaveri


An amazing teacher who is very thorough with her teaching. Explains everything in a simple manner so that everyone understands and makes class really very fun.

PicsArt_12-20-02.03.42 - Rishika.jpg

Rishika Mehrotra

Cinematographer & Director

I have worked with Shivani and she's an amazing person and an artist. She knows her dance form in and out. I gave her a brief as to what I was expecting and she grasped it thorough and I didn't had to interfere at all. She has sincere dedication towards her work which I really admire.

Screenshot_20200730-164326_Photos - Anus

Anushka Vemu


It was really lovely learning from you Shivani! I Always enjoyed and looked forward to our ballet and modern classes. The intricate corrections and attention to technique and detail that you've taught me is very valuable. Also love your enthusiasm and positive energy in class. Really look forward to learning from and dancing with you again :)

C8B17226-4F58-4465-84DC-D414BB499788 - S

Srishti Poojari

Artist and Lawyer

You are very aware of your skills and have immense knowledge of the art form you do. Being in the same college dance team, I can say you are really supportive, understanding and hardworking. Always up to learn and try something new and challenging to your potential.

140551C3-CFAC-420B-89E0-BD3FE60655BF - A

Ananya Sachdev


Shivani has taught me ballet ever since I was around 5 years old. She has helped me grow as a dancer, but more importantly has helped me grow as an individual. She has taught me to be more confident and relentless, and has taught me the importance of hard work and practice. She is responsible for a huge part of my confidence and technique as a dancer and a performer.

profile  - Play Practice Residency.png

Abhilash Ningappa

Dance Artist

I met Shivani many years ago and since then I have been following her work, she is an amazing teacher and dance and has contributed very beautiful choreographies during these years, I wish her all the good much for the future projects and will support her as much as possible.

DSC_0311 - zahabiya merchant.JPG

Zahabiya Merchant


Learning with Shivani was a wonderful and enjoyable experience. She was always full of life in classes and taught with passion and dedication. I would always feel welcome and comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed the long hours of dancing I had with her.

IMGL0603 - Anika Chandiramani.jpg

Anika Chandiramani


I really liked the stretches and flexibility classes. They stretches were really helpful and easy to do. I enjoyed all the classes and it motivated me to stretch and do more exercises regularly

IMG_20190905_154216_691 - Swati Prasad.j

Swati Prasad


Dance classes with Shivani have always been some of the most fun yet productive sessions ever. There was never a dull moment in class, because i think she has mastered the balance between getting the work done and maintaining a positive and pleasant environment and that balance is something anyone can learn from, whether they like to dance or not. Many of her corrections, tips and random moments in class will be something I will be holding on to for a long time. Watching her hard work and persistence will always be a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

IMG_4308 - Aliyah Shah.jpg

Aliyah Shah


Miss Shivani has been my ballet teacher for a very long time, we have had all kinds of classes with her some extremely fun and some strict, during classes I was often pulled up to the first row and I think after a few times I got accustomed to being there, it made me much more attentive & confidant during class. At one of our mock exam rehearsals I was not sure of a dance and she knew that her sitting in front of me would make me nervous so she got up and observed from behind, I still messed up the dance but I can honestly say it was one of the nicest things a teacher has done for me. Over all I think she is a fun, kind & seldom strict teacher and its why she is also one of my favorites.

D8BEF1EB-DEA7-40A8-A1F8-D47C85363A89 - N

Naia Moutounet


Shivani has been part of my dance journey since the beginning. For 13 years she taught me Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Latin American and all these dance forms were a pleasure to learn from her. Shivani’s passion for dance makes her classes so much more exciting with her enthusiasm and encouragement. She never failed to make me smile when I’d be awkwardly standing at an open day or when I was stressed during an exam practice. Shivani’s always been caring, whether it’s answering questions, correcting my posture/steps or even by just making the environment fun. Thank you for the fun and informative classes Shivani!

20181110_203447 - GIRL SURILEE.jpg

Krushnaa Chousalkar


The teaching style is very relaxed yet detail oriented. She will make you work hard without you knowing how much work you've actually got done. Whatever she teaches you will fit in your head perfectly.

20180917_132534 - Rahul Mahato.jpg

Rahul Mahato,

Artist Australia

I have had an amazing experience learning dance from Shivani. She was very helping throughout the training process and I will definitely recommend her as a teacher/mentor.

IMG_7883 - Kunaal Sangtani.JPG

Kunaal Sangtani

Artist - The Movement Hub

I really enjoyed watching your piece at elemental, I also love how you contact different artists and try and meet new people cause I feel like that's an essential part of our growth.

1596201929041. - ZARA OOTAM.jpg

Zara Ootam


Ms you are a wonderful teacher. I like learning under your guidance. You teach with patience and you are an amazing dancer!🤗💕

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